Oct 9

You know you’re stressed out when you forget that two of the most important people from your past are coming into town and are crashing at your place that night. I unsuccessfully attempted to mask my faux pas when my friend called me a few minutes ago:

Friend: So we should be in town around 8:00pm.
Me: Cool. What town are you going to be in?
Friend: Your town.
Me: Yoretown? Where’s that?
Friend: Um, did you forget that we’re coming up and staying at your place tonight?
Me: (Awkward unintelligible mumbling to fill the silence….)

And the really disturbing part about all of this is that they really are two of the most significant people of my past. After all, when I think of how my life has been shaped by the people I meet, the first boy who asked me out, and my first boyfriend, are two of the most shapely people I’ve ever met.

And I remember that day I was asked out for the first time ever, my first week in junior high at a new school, like it were yesterday….

Random Girl I’ve Never Met: Hey there, my friend over there in the corner of the gym wants to know if you’ll go with him.
Me: The guy chewing, or the guy adjusting himself?
RGINM: No, neither one. The guy with the sleeveless shirt and high tops.
Me: Um, I don’t think I’m allowed to date yet.
RGINM: He wants to know if you’ll just make out with him then.

Ah yes…..truly one of my finest memories. Although it pales in comparison to my memories of his best friend, who also happens to have been my first boyfriend.

First Boyfriend: Will you go with me?
Me: Yeah.

(Two months pass. We never talk, although once we hold hands in the cafeteria over a grilled cheese sandwich. The grease stains my favorite hot pink spandex tight pants.)

FB: I don’t think this is working out. Is it okay if I go with someone else?
Me: Yeah.

Ah yes, those were the days. And those were the boys. And tonight, the boys return. These days, all three of us are better attired, better equipped with more refined conversational starters, and of legal drinking age. Given my eager anticipation to reunite with old friends, I’m irked by my brain’s thoughtless lapse regarding their impending arrival.

I think I need a vacation.

–Troi out

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