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So once upon a time (yesterday) in a land far, far away (here, in my apartment), it came to pass that I was having a conversation with a male friend (you know who you are, Chris) about the differences between relationships and dating.

Male Friend: What is the difference between relationships and dating?

Me: Dating implies that it’s more casual. It does not have to be exclusive. A relationship is more committed and it’s exclusive. You can date more than one person at a time.

Male Friend: Can’t you have more than one relationship at a time, too?

Me: No, that’s called cheating.

Male Friend: I thought that was called fun!

While I’d love to take advantage of his comment as a fresh opportunity for male bashing, I’m presently on another mission. That is, am I correct in my definitions? Are there other interpretations? (Well, clearly there are for males. 🙂

Perhaps a real-life analogy will help to clarify the difference between dating and relationships. I like to think of dating as petty crime. Have you ever bought a small fountain drink at a fast food restaurant and upon empting your plastic cup, dared to venture back up for an ILLEGAL refill?? That’s sort of like dating. You’re skirting something serious, but it’s probably not punishable by lethal injection. (Lucky for you, Jamie.)

Relationships, on the other hand, are more akin to bank robberies, or perhaps assault. Once you’ve been caught in one of these offenses, it’s harder to get out of it. And if you spend a lot of time robbing banks, you may even wind up with a life sentence.

You know, readers, I’ve been told that I am terrible at analogies, but I really feel that I nailed this one. Your thoughts? 🙂

–Troi out


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  1. Chris Says:

    I actually carry my own cup into a fast food restaurant and fill it up. What’s the analogy for that?

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