Don’t Sweat the Sharp Stuff

Warning Sign

[ad#ad-1] I stumbled upon (literally, this picture while perusing the net this afternoon and I found that it contained not just a pearl of wisdom, but really an entire ocean of oyster’s worth of pearls of wisdom, that can be applied to our lives.

(Readers, please be warned that you must carefully remove the pearls from the oyster prior to eating it. You do not want that kind of fortune drifting aimlessly through your digestive system.)

This sign exemplifies the potential damage done by wasting time worrying about things that aren’t very important. I have often consumed valuable time worrying about touching the edges of sharp signs, therefore missing the bridge out ahead, and plummeting into the water.

(Readers, that was an analogy. I don’t really touch the edges of sharp signs, anymore, and while I boast a long history of car accidents, I have yet to drive into water. I’m not saying that it won’t happen, simply that it hasn’t yet.)

Worrying about the small stuff is one of the most unproductive things we can do with our time, but also one of the most tempting. It gives us a false sense of control over our lives, as if the intangible things we stew about will shrink and become more manageable. But in fact worry and problems are positively correlated. That is, the more we worry about them, the bigger the problems actually become. And the less brain space we can devote to the more productive thoughts, such as thoughts of action, or thoughts of letting go and letting God (or to whomever you ascribe greater power than yourself). Or thoughts of noticing the imminent bridge that is out ahead.

Today I devote myself to conquering my fear of touching signs with sharp edges and I embrace the ability to look toward the more important things.

Like inventing signs with dull edges.

–Troi out

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  2. Jake McKee Says:

    Do you have a link for where you found this photo? It’s a fantastic shot and I’d love to use it in other stuff 🙂


  3. Chris Says:

    Just search for “this sign has sharp edges” using Google image search and you’ll have your pick of images to use.

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